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Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization ensures that every element of your marketing strategy is working to transform your prospects into customers.

if you don’t have a good conversion rate optimization (CRO) process in place, you can’t be sure you’re reaching these people as effectively as possible.Proper conversion rate optimization addresses the on- and off-site processes that cause your visitors to take action. Whether you want your visitors to download your free ebook, complete your lead generation form or convert into paying […]

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Marketing Funnels

We’re obsessed with conversion, so we design and perfect marketing funnels that get you leads, nurture the relationship and drive sales. If you want your company’s sales process to run efficiently and be cost-effective, then you’re going to need a well-designed marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is made up of several stages through which would-be customers move, starting with awareness, then interest, then evaluation, then commitment, and finally — a sale! The point of a marketing funnel is to […]

Marketing Consulting

We live and breathe marketing — so let our dedicated team create a 360-degree marketing strategy that will grow your business. Too many businesses waste time, money, and resources on advertising, content, and services without a cohesive, carefully planned marketing strategy. From the onset, a great marketing strategy requires a deep dive into target audiences and their behaviors. A solid, thorough strategy will also include competitor analysis, trackable goals for all campaigns, and ongoing optimization.

If your marketing strategy isn’t […]

Content & Design

Our talented creative team will build and evolve a beautiful, memorable brand — and differentiate your business through engaging content and design. The truth about conversion is it’s not just a science — it’s an art. It requires talented creatives to craft clever copy and brilliant graphic designers that bring ideas to life. You might think drafting up a Facebook ad is no sweat, but a great Facebook ad — one that really performs, engages, and converts — requires […]

Video Production

Our world-class commercial production team knows how to tell your brand story with beautiful videos that generate emotional response… and conversions. Let our highly-experienced commercial filmmakers handle your video marketing. Our team brings artistic vision, storytelling expertise, and data-driven results to this high-impact medium. Combining the art and science of marketing, they’ll produce beautiful videos for your brand — while you gain market awareness and drive conversions.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with IONIC :

Expert strategy planning & […]

Video Advertising

From YouTube to retargeted videos, our team of video advertising pros builds ad campaigns designed to capture interest and drive sales. While traditional PPC advertising offers amazing demand fulfillment opportunities, expanding to video advertising gives your brand the greatest possible demand generation opportunities. Whether you’re trying to launch a new product or simply take your campaigns beyond the possibilities offered by search advertising, video advertising should play a vital role in your marketing efforts!

At IONIC Corporation, we’re obsessed with […]

Podcast Advertising

We’ll get your products and services in front of a captive audience with our podcast advertising services. And we have a competitive edge: Our CEO puts out two 5-star rated, successful podcasts so we know this niche inside and out.

Podcasts belong to one of the newest, fastest-growing mediums out there. Running advertisements on podcasts is a smart move, whether you’re looking to air a more traditional spot, sponsor a podcast, or pay a host to plug your product. While […]

Amazon Advertising

Our Amazon specialists create robust, done-for-you advertising campaigns specifically designed to sell more products, faster. Nearly half of all e-commerce sales happen on Amazon so if you’re committed to boosting your e-commerce company’s bottom line, you should consider using Amazon’s own advertising tools.

Amazon advertising is PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. When you see a sponsored product listed on Amazon, it’s because the seller has bid to show you that advertisement, and is willing to pay if you click on it. Amazon […]

Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Display Advertising Lets You Target Prospective Customers Multiple Ways And Show Text, Banner Or Video Ads
When you run a PPC display campaign, you are leveraging two of the internet’s best features for advertisers: precise targeting and several ad formats.

Precise Targeting
You can target your ads in very specific ways. You can run your ads only on websites that have content containing certain keywords that are relevant to your business. Alternatively, you can have your ads shown to specific […]

Facebook Advertising

We optimize the laser-targeting and audience reach of Facebook with advertising that gets in front of the right eyes, at the right time.

Facebook isn’t just for social interactions anymore! Over the past decade, Facebook has gone from providing an opportunity for college students to connect online to representing something much larger – a truly social environment that involves person-to-person connections, gaming, e-commerce, news reporting and more.
As a business owner, you need to know that all of the data shared […]