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Podcast Advertising

Podcasts belong to one of the newest, fastest-growing mediums out there. Running advertisements on podcasts is a smart move, whether you’re looking to air a more traditional spot, sponsor a podcast, or pay a host to plug your product. While the podcast market is blossoming rapidly, it’s still relatively young. Podcasts are engaging, digestible, and enjoy loyal and highly targeted audiences, demographically speaking. All this means that a great digital marketing agency can help you pick and choose which podcasts are a good fit for your targeted advertisements.

And we have an edge: IONIC Corporation CEO two 5-star rated podcasts that get hundreds of thousands of downloads, so he intimately knows the market and how to drive conversions from podcast ads.

We will work directly with your company to:

  • Identify the audiences and demographics your business needs to target
  • Handpick the podcasts those audiences are following
  • Craft effective, engaging copy for podcast ads
  • Understand and test how different placements yield certain results
  • Help expand your reach into new, lucrative markets
What Do Podcast Advertising Services We Offer?
We can help with any of the following:
  • Expert strategy planning & execution
  • The thorough analysis of your industry competitors
  • Frequent ad optimization
  • A full-bodied discovery process
  • Ongoing campaign tracking & monitoring
  • Regular campaign progress reporting


Do you offer guarantees?

While we will work tirelessly to get you optimal results, we can’t provide any guarantees. You can check out our case studies, though — our work speaks for itself.

How does podcast advertising work?

Podcast advertising works by paying to have your product, service, or business mentioned in some way that listeners are sure to hear. For example, your company may choose to sponsor a podcast, and the podcast will then spend a minute or so discussing your products and services.

Some podcasts run more traditional, radio-style spots. Those are an option, too — although we prefer more organic styles of podcast advertising because they are so engaging and unique to the medium.

How do you charge?

Since no client and no project are alike, we’ll need to discuss the details with you to provide you with a fair estimate. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

What makes you different from other podcast advertising agencies?

We know podcasts — really. He knows the medium inside and out, and his podcast advertising team does, too.

We’ll parlay our knowledge of the modern podcast and new media advertising into your business’s own bespoke podcast advertising strategy. As always, we eschew one-size-fits-all advertising strategies in favor or something custom-built to grow your business on your budget.

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